Ministry Update

We praise the Lord for the good year He has given us here at the Good Shepherd’s Ministries. Before we share any further, let us first mention that we are changing our name to the Gentle Shepherd’s Ministries to avoid confusion later on with a children’s home here in Murfreesboro whose name is the Good Shepherd Children’s Home.

This web site is brand new. We are now with Christian Web Host and now have our very own domain name which is and our very own email address:

Our Bible kids club began last January and we have had some very meaningful times with the children. One that stands out is when we talked about Cain and Abel and made an altar as life application and placed on it what we wanted to give to God as a love offering. Another special one was when we talked about the Tower of Babel and how displeasing pride is to God. We built our very own Tower!

Since February, we had been praying for favor in the eyes if our landlords in order to get permission to build a small multi-purpose building. The Lord answered our prayer in June and we are now in the process of drawing plans for it so we can request a building permit. We are hoping to begin building sometime this fall. Praise the Lord! The number of children we have come in contact with is growing and such a building wil give us more space for activities with the children.

Back in March, we received a request through our web site from Ghana. A young evangelist wrote to us to request a reference Bible and some preaching materials. We wrote back and said we would ask around. We contacted some pastors and with God’s help, we were able to send him 2 parcels, one of books and one of sermon tapes. 

Later in Apri, Mr. Kofi Korang wrote back to us expressing his thankfulness and sharing that he had applied to attend university in his country and had been accepted. He said that he had half the money he needed to pay for his first year and would we consider helping him with the rest in whatever way we could? We replied that we couldn’t promise a specific amount but that we would ask around again and pray. We contacted the same pastors who helped us with the resources and we ourselves did as we could. 

One very interesting story came forth. One of our pastors had made the need known in his service a certain Sunday afternoon before the message. On that Sunday, he had invited a guest speaker who preached on faith giving. At the end of the service, a lady came forward and handed the home pastor a wad of money, saying that this was for the young man in Ghana to help with his schooling need. After the pastor got home that night, he counted the money and discovered $150.00! He called us the next day and said that he had $170.00 for Mr. Korang. We rejoiced greatly. It is interesting to note that the lady’s offering was the exact amount that Mr. Korang needed!. With everyone taking part, we were able to raise $250.00 for him - $100.00 over what he needed. We just give God the glory for what He allowed us to be part of. Mr. Korang is now attending Christian College  University in Ghana and we assured him that we would support him in prayer and keep in touch with him throughout his studies. What an awsome thing! Amazing what the Lord can do! We feel very privileged to have been part of this, especially being such a small ministry presently as we are. But little is much when God is in it!

All through this summer and in the forthcoming months, we will be, with the help of other people, putting children’s stories on tape. These tapes will be used in conjunction wit the story books for a lead in to Bible lessons, We are very thankful to all the people who are making this possible.

This fall, our activities will be increased. Our Bible kids club will continue every other week. On the alternate weeks, we will be offering a craft activity night. One out of the two crat activities a month will focus on an international craft from a mission and will endeavor to teach children about missions and  about sharing Jesus' love with others. We also will have some special evenings throughout the fall: Movie Night, Game Night and Christian Pooh Party Night (This is where some of the stories will come in handy!), Thanksgiving celebration and Christmas party.

For a very nominal fee, we will also offer literacy sessions to children or adults who need them and express a desire for them.

We thank the Lord for all the different ways He has been working this year and for how abundantly He has provided in terms of resources so that we are now quite well equipped to minister with materials and visuals that are meaningful to the children.

Please pray for this ministry, for God’s anointing of every aspect and His direction and wisdom and that His will be accomplished in every way.



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