The Vision of

 the Ministry

Once the Lord birthed anew this excitement and desire in me to fulfill the dream, He began to expand it in such a way that it really became a vision. Here is an overview of the vision at this time:

The G
entle Shepherd’s Home:

This is to be a non-specific long-term home for women in need in the Murfreesboro area. “Non-specific” means that a woman does not have to be a particular kind of person like a single mom, a battered woman or a mentally ill person to receive help. The goal of this home will be to restore a sense of belongingness to a family, of being loved and wanted. Women here will have time and opportunity to receive healing and restoration from the Good Shepherd Himself as we reach out to them in Chrisian love.

The TLC Ministry Center:

This is to be a Christian community center whose mission is to reach out to everyone in the community, with the love of Jesus. Activities and events will be planned to encourage believers in their walk and to foster friendship evangelism with the unbelievers.

Services will be offered, such as one-on-one discipling, for those who desire it, that will also aim at building up the believer and helping him along in his/her journey. Some services will aim at meeting practical needs, such as making good referrals and providing free bread to take home. With the Lord's help, the center will be a friendly place to come to, where love and acceptance will be a given for everyone who comes to visit, because of how Jesus showed His love for each one of us when we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8).

We are planning to host special events throughout the year to bring people together so Christians can minister to each other and to non-believers in an informal context.

A Self-Standing Prayer Room/Chapel:

This is to be a separate building, located away from the activity and the people, whose function will be to provide a calm and peaceful environment conducive to prayer and meditation. This prayer room will be open 24 hours a day for staff, volunteers and residents. Occasionally, this building will be used as a chapel for special devotionals. This building will not be open to the public at large.

The Community Exchange Barn:

This wil be a place where people can bring their surplus and where people in need can find practical items. The barn will offer furniture, books, toys, kitchenware and clothing. It will also be a place where relationships are built, thus allowing ministry at other levels to take place.

The Li’l Friends’ Barn:

If this can be approved by codes, this building will be divided into three sections: one housing some small animals to pet and take care of;  one housing a small day-care for the children of the residents who work and need day-care service and one housing a playroom for kids. This building will not be open to the public except on special open house days.

The Present Web Site:

This is the most recent development that the Lord has placed on my heart and the very first segment of the ministry to become reality. Its primary aim is to minister to people in need spiritually who access the web, nurturing and encouraging believers and giving an opportunity to non-believers to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Secondarily, it promotes the Gentle Shepherd’s Ministries with the intent of raising support at various levels as the Lord leads our visitors.



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